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    AURAP is AU’s business intelligence portal for finance and education. The portal contains standard reports and specialised tools for analysis.

  • Blackboard

    Blackboard is AU’s e-learning system. Blackboard is used for course material and as a forum for online learning and student activities.

  • Indfak

    AU uses the system IndFak2 to process invoices. At AU, the procedures involved in the processing of invoices, bookkeeping and payment of suppliers are carried out electronically.

  • mit.au.dk

    Mit.au.dk is AU’s self-service website for staff and students. At mit.au.dk, you can change information about your name or email, see the information registered about holiday and access specific administrative systems.

  • PURE

    PURE is AU’s research registration system. Research publications, research activities and research projects are registered in PURE. PURE is also used for the individual websites for AU staff.

  • RejsUd

    Aarhus University uses RejsUd to settle expenses incurred in connection with travel etc.


    STADS-VIP is an online system for direct registration of examination results.

  • Webmail

    Webmail provides direct access to your AU emails and your calendar.

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